Reader Tools


How do you find new books to read? Are your options limited to reading everything your favorite author writes or whatever your friends suggest? Do you browse the displays at the library for new ideas, or do you rely on the best sellers’ lists?

If you want a new way to discover new authors and books, I suggest utilizing Literature Map or Which Book.

Literature Map

Type in the name of your favorite author and watch the author word map spin and reveal other writers. The names closest to your author are the best recommendations. However, other names appear that may also connect to your choice. Click on another author’s name and see more authors. If you like to read specific authors, this is a great source to find a new author option. Literature Map is a wonderful tool for young adults and adults.

Which Book

This is a great way to find new books using their multitude of options. On the left side of the home page, select four of the twelve categories. Then, rank your preference for each of the four. For example, category one is happy or sad. Once you select the category, move the marker to the side you like best. You can move it from one extreme to the other or somewhere in between. Once you have done this for all four categories, your book suggestions appear. They offer twenty suggestions based on your interests.

If the categories don’t work for you, try to find other titles by character, setting, or plot. If all else fails, explore the various books lists on the home page from short and sweet to slapstick to weird and wonderful. Select the list and peruse the suggestions.  Which Book is a wonderful resource for adult readers.

Try out both of these tools. Then, add them to your reader toolbox!


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